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On October 2015 I decided to move my blog to a new web hosting company. Usually when you stay with the same hosting company, their services start to decline and so it’s always better to move your website somewhere else once in a while.

I went with because they offered a hosting package with an SSL certificate. With a promotion their “Plus” package at the time was only $3.50. Their packages have since changed and they now offer Basic, Advance, and Business packages.

Website Transfer

Akihosting offers to move your website for you as an incentive to move to their services. I thought that this was a great offer even though I know how to move my own website. I contacted them and asked them to help me move my website over. After waiting for over 12 hours I decided to just move it on my own. They eventually did respond but it was very delayed.

Customer Service

Their customer service is friendly but i do not think that they are very knowledgeable. Like I said previously, they offer a free SSL certificate with a certain package but you have to ask for them to set it up first. Contacting them was a hassle. Once they installed the certificate it was up to you to properly set up the certificate to work with your website. As an advanced user this was fine but most people would never be able to set up the certificate properly with the kind of support that they offer.


Their prices at the time were really affordable with the promotions. Today they’re a little pricier but they are still affordable. Their basic package runs at $1.90 a month while their Business package runs at $6.90 a month. However, you might get lucky and find a promotion for them on the WebHostingTalk forums.


This is where AkiHosting has a lot of work to do. Every couple of weeks they kept moving servers. And every time they did this, I had several new bugs on my blog. And their support just wasn’t knowledgeable enough to help you fix the problems caused by the constant moving. At one point I did ask if they could set up a new hosting package for me so that I could start fresh but they declined. This is the reason why I ended up moving. I didn’t like constantly having to fix things that got broken by all the migrations.


I would give this host a 3/5 stars. I would not highly recommend this host to anyone.

UFO over Los Angeles on November 7 2015

There was a large bright object over the skies of Los Angeles. It could have been a meteor but this is the best footage of the object so far.

After a lot of speculation Navy officials went public and said that this was just an unarmed missile test. Just like everyone else, I was also hoping that we were being visited by a more advanced civilization. I do wonder why the military doesn’t warn its citizens about these tests before they do them.

Book Review: Kindle Unlimited: Why Most of You Should Not Use It by L. Briggs

Kindle Unlimited: Why Most of You Should Not Use It by L Briggs book cover

Rating: 2/5


I recently just started using Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service and so I decided that I would do some book reviews on some of the titles that I read. I decided to look through the library to see if I could find any ebooks related to the Kindle Unlimited service and I did. This review is titled Kindle Unlimited: Why Most of You Should Not Use It by L. Briggs.

This ebook is a short book with only 10 pages worth of content. The book was too short to be considered a book but the Author did defend his work and said that his small book was justified because he was straight forward and he didn’t want to waste people’s time with unnecessary content. The author did judge the Amazon Kindle Unlimited catalog by saying that people made short, terrible books, basically just to make money. I thought that it was ironic that this author would judge them considering that this is exactly what he did with his ebook.

The book did highlight some of the issues with the Amazon Kindle Unlimited which is why I decided to give it a 2/5 stars. I would not consider this worth reading for those who are looking in-depth knowledge of the service, but it would be okay for someone just looking for an opinion on the service.


New Catnip plant for my cat

Capnip Plant


I’m sure that everyone has heard of Catnip before. You just sprinkle some on a cat and they start to behave differently. Their eyes might get dilated, they might start to purr uncontrollably, they will probably be rolling around on the floor, and they might even try to scratch or bite if you attempt to pet them.  Yea, this dried plant that you normally buy at the pet store can be considered “cat weed”.

Dried Catnip is expensive

I noticed two weeks ago that we were out of dried catnip and so I was considering going to the pet shop on my way back from school when I realized that this stuff was just a plant. I went online to research the catnip plant. I was thinking about purchasing some seeds and growing my own plant but I quickly realized that it was going to be very expensive growing a plant during the winter time. There is very little sun and so it wouldn’t grow very quickly.

I then came across a live plant on, and so I ordered it. It came to less than $6 with a 20% discount and it also comes with free shipping. Once they shipped it I got it in 3 days and the plant was well packaged. It was a little sad so I planted it in a larger pot and gave it some water. In a couple of days it was looking a lot better so I decided to introduce my cat to a live catnip plant to see how he reacted.

My Cat’s reaction

I actually did not expect much of a reaction from my cat because I thought that they only responded to the plant when it was died. I was wrong.

cat eating catnip plant

At first the cat did not notice the plant and so I decided to gram him and place him right in front of the plant. He quickly took interest in it and started smelling it. And then he quickly took a huge bite out of a leaf and started munching on it. I was so happy to see that this was indeed the correct plant but at the same time it was really odd watching a cat munch on a leaf.

But he didn’t stop there, he went for another and another and when we attempted to take the plant away in order to save it, he jumped up and attempted to eat as much as he could before we took it away. This plant will have to stay far away from the cat, at least until it’s mature enough to be eaten in big quantities and not die. And considering that a single ounce of dried catnip can run anywhere between $3 and $8, this could save a lot of money!

I need to save money on books

Old Books

Photo Credit to jarmoluk


I was laying in bed last night unable to sleep so I went into the storage room and fetched a book to read. I am not the type of person that can go to bed very easily, I often have to find something to do in order to become tired and fall asleep. And so as I was reading the book I realized that this was the last book I had in the whole house; I’ve already read most of them. I tend to go online and purchase $10-$30 worth of books at a time to read. These many books last me a good 2-5 weeks before I have to go out and purchase new ones and I usually buy them used from or Amazon.

Why am I spending so much money?

As I was shopping around Amazon for new books to read I saw an advertisement about an amazon service called Kindle Unlimited. It id get my attention because it basically allowed to an access to an ebook library where I could download as many books as I could possibly read for only $9.99. I decided to give it a try and see how well the service works for me. It looks like the kindle unlimited library has well over 1.3 million titles in it so now I have to dig and find some interesting books to read.

In the past I avoided ebooks because they were overpriced and I did not have a device where I could properly read. I had a small iPhone 4s screen where it was not practical to properly read a book. Now that I have an iPhone 6S, with a larger screen, the text is a lot cleaner to look at and it makes reading a lot easier. I will have to try this service for a month and see how I end up liking it and to see if it does end up saving me money.

My thoughts on YouTube Red


YouTube Red

YoutTube recently released YouTube red to the public with a 30 month free trial. YouTube’s (or Google’s) plan is to get people to pay $9.99 per month for a YouTube experience without advertisements. They sweetened up the deal by making it so that you also have access to Google Music with this subscription, which is a music on demand streaming service.

Because this trial is free for everyone a lot of YouTube content creators were afraid that they might not get paid this month and so some people are fairly angry about that although I am not certain if this is the case. Others are angry because this new system rewards people who make longer videos more than it rewards those that make short but quality videos. So those YouTubers that make videos like gameplays or Vlogs will suddenly be making more money while those that make short clips like animations will be making a lot less.

The Free Trial

I went ahead and signed up for the free trial just to see what it was all about. I was amazed at how different the YouTube experience is without advertisements. The website looks very clean and watching a video is instant because you do not have to wait for the advertisement to end or for the little “skip ad” button to come up so that you can click it. I am still having trouble justifying paying $9.99 for this service (yes, even with the Google Music feature) but it is tempting because the experience is amazing.

I do make and monetize some videos on YouTube and so far I have not noticed a difference in my advertisement revenue from YouTube but we will see how it is in the next couple of months once the YouTube red subscriptions settle. For now I will enjoy the free trial and be glad that the next 30 days will be ad free. And yes, you absolutely can install an ad blocker but I don’t use them because I know that in the long term those can hurt a lot of people that depend on them.

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