Apple uses Windows to make Apple products


Just recently Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, tweeted a picture of himself while inspecting an Apple products factory. It didn’t take very for people to notice that the Macs in the background of the picture are actually running on Windows. Apple fans expressed their anger to Tim Cook for allowing windows to be ran in an Apple factory while non-Apple fans started to make jokes about it.

As a student studying Computer Science it makes sense to me why the factory is running on Windows instead of OSX to manufacture Apple products. But realistically, I know why this would cause embarrassment to the company. Unless you are studying something that requires digging deep into code or studying a highly technical job, you probably will never notice the difference between the Mac OS and Windows environments. If your needs consist of writing, music composing, music editing, video editing, or other similar simplistic tasks then either Windows or Mac would do the trick for you. But if you are looking to make a program or script then you will quickly notice that you need windows. This factory most likely doesn’t have custom Apple software to replace the windows software that they need to program the Apple computers or to run tests before they package them.

I am by no means an apple hater. I really do enjoy how reliable and simplistic their iOS and Mac OSX is. But after going through many programming classes, I quickly learned that my Mac, alone, would not get me anywhere. I had to quickly install Windows using Parallels in order to learn how to program. I don’t think that Apple products are able to thrive everywhere. Technical places such as data centers, hospitals, and factories will be using Windows as long as Apple lacks the software needed to replace Windows software.


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  1. [ Smiles ] I would have never guessed that Apple used Windows to assist in the manufacturing of their products.

    Great post!

    • Aaron says:

      It’s interesting to see what the uses of different operating systems are. Windows is usually used to create large scale software, Mac mostly by professionals in different professions, and Linux is used to run almost the entire internet including our blogs 🙂

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