Creationist museums are not scientific

Every time I heard about a creationist museum it appeared to me that it was something that would never strike close to home. Usually these museums occur really far from home, but this time it occurred directly at the heart of my home. Idaho is my home state and although I am currently not living there temporarily I like to keep updated with major events in Idaho.

I remember when I first read about this. I was shocked and very disappointed in the way my state is heading. A creationist museum was approved to be opened in Boise, Idaho. I was hoping that it would at least identify itself as a creationist museum to not confuse people thinking they were visiting an actual science museum, but it did not. The museum calls itself the “Northwest Science Museum”. There is absolutely nothing scientific about a creationist museum. The only purpose for their establishment is to drive people away from Darwinian evolution theories using the bible. This is not what science is about; science does not disregard all of the evidence in order to support an idea with the same source that created it, or in other words, it’s not scientific to use the bible to support the bible.

Have a look at this creationist textbook. A user on Reddit posted a photo of her sister’s textbook that she will be using to teach an 8th grade classroom. Yes, this is in America and yes this is happening right now; not 10 or 20 or even 50 years ago, but now.

Creationist Textbook
Source: Reddit Dozer11)

Now that Idaho has its own creationist theme park my worry is how long would it take for these creationist textbooks to show up in public schools? I graduated in Idaho’s public education system and I never once met a science teacher that mixed religion with scientific facts. I have high hopes that none of our teachers will allow such useless material to be preached to our classes. Idaho is already way behind academically to be put behind even further with this indoctrination.



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