Text editor for HTML

Before you can begin writing HTML to develop your website you will first need to choose a text editor. Every operating system has different text editors, although some editor software is cross platform, or in other words, they have a version for different operating systems.

You can use any text editor that you feel comfortable with, but avoid using word processors like Microsoft Word. I will show you a couple of text editors to get you started. I can’t list every single one of them because there are dozens of text editors in the market, free and paid, so I will only be showing some of the most popular in the market and I will only be showing some for Windows and Mac.

Remember that this is the very first thing that you need to do in order to start learning how to write HTML. For this step you don’t need to know anything about HTML. Try as many text editors as you can until you find one that works for you.

Windows Text Editors

1. Notepad- Notepad is a default application that comes installed with every Windows Operating System in the market today. You do not have to download any software for this text editor . Simply open Notepad from the start menu and start typing away. Make sure to save your files as FileName.html.
Notepad default Windows

2. Notepad++–  To use this editor you will need to go to the Notepad++ website download and install. This text editor is free to download and use. Once it’s installed you can run it from the start menu and start using it. This editor is a lot more advanced than the regular Notepad that comes default with windows. This text editor highlights your syntax using different colors and it even cleans up your code using spacing. Before you start typing away make sure to select HTML under the Language tab.

Mac Text Editors

1. TextWrangler– TextWrangler can be found in the Mac App Store, but it can also be downloaded from the barebones website. This free application for the Mac is very clean and simple to use. It maintains spacing to keep your code simple and easy to read and it highlights the html syntax so that you can easily tell it from user inputted data.
TextWrangler Mac App

2. Coda– Coda is a paid text editor for the mac. I don’t recommend using coda if you are just beginning to learn how to write in HTML. Coda offers many features that make it easier to write more complex websites and it even shows a quick visual on how your website will look as you type.
coda for mac

Once you have chosen a text editor platform to use, you are ready to begin learning how to write in HTML.


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