123systems.net Web Host Client Review

Overall: Poor

Customer Service: Below Average
Technical Service: Poor
Uptime/Reliability: Poor
URL: http://123systems.net

123systems nov 8 2014

123Systems Homepage as of 11/08/14.


123systems Solutions advertise themselves as a Budget VPS, Dedicated Server, and Web Host provider. On their front page the first packages that you see are their budget packages which include Web Hosting for as low as $4 per year. Their VPS package includes a $9 per year plan as well.

On January 2011 I purchased one of their VPS packages for $20 per month to host a Minecraft Server. These prices were great for 2011. I was happy with them until I noticed that they didn’t offer the bandwidth that they advertised so I left.

On March 2015 I came back and purchased their $4 per year Web Hosting plan to host my portfolio. I did not need very many resources and their 99.9% uptime guarantee looked very enticing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and signed up for them because I was impressed that they survived for three years after I left them for poor service. 99.9% uptime means no more than a .1% downtime. This is equal to 8 hours and 45 minutes of downtime per year or less than 1 minute and 30 seconds per day. This was not the case. My website was going down several times per day with downtimes as high as 40 minutes per day and a peak of 2 hours of downtime in a single day.

I contacted support and they all denied the downtime even though I had set up Pingdom to monitor my downtime, so I did have proof. They never refunded my $4 but it was not that big of a loss. There is a possibility that things could have become worse if I had stayed with them. I was immediately put off when I realized that their 99.9% uptime guarantee was not honored and that their Terms of Service reflected an attitude that they would not refund anything unless their judgement said it was appropriate.

Dead on Twitter
123systems Twitter

It appears that 123systems has not Tweeted anything since December 26, 2013. Meanwhile, they have had several people tweet them asking for help or complaining that their issues have not been resolved.

With this, I would never recommend 123systems.net Solutions to anybody.


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