Blogging Heroes: Heart Failure Survivor

Just like many bloggers out there this is not the first blog that I have ever ran. Several years ago I became interested in the blogging world and decided to join in on the fun. It didn’t last longer than two months before I abandoned ship. What was I missing? I spent the past few days exploring the blogging community to find out and it turns out that I am not the only one with the issue. Many bloggers out there contemplate leaving their blogs because they don’t know what to write about. I considered it a possibility that this could be the case with me, so I sat back and asked myself: “why did I come back to blogging?”

Writing what I know and love

Several years ago when I started my first blog I started it because I wanted to share my knowledge with people regarding tech things. I also wanted my voice to be heard online and I wanted to do this by writing my opinion on current news and events on a personal blog.

What did I do wrong? I did write several dozen posts on many subjects from programming to web development and even including current events and I even shared my point of view. I didn’t know it then but today I believe that I let my blog die because I had zero interactions from a community. While I was visiting other blogger’s blogs and commenting on their posts I realized that this is what I could have been missing: a community. I guess I was writing about the correct subjects I just wasn’t interacting with other bloggers and expected everything to come my way. Not to mention that I was impatient and I was expecting people to come rushing through my network ports and into my comment boards.

Evolving my Purpose

Like I said previously, after starting my first blog several years ago I did not come back for several years until March, 2014. As you would probably expect during those years my writing style had changed and I had different priorities in what I wanted to write about.

My style had been evolving over the years because I had been writing my thoughts in my paper journal (and more recently on my DayOne apps). But apart from my change in writing styles, why did I decide to come back to blogging so suddenly?

Why I am back to blogging

At the end of December 2013 I was diagnosed with heart failure and I spent all of January and February 2014 in a hospital bed. As you can probably imagine I had a lot of free time to think; my mind was practically spinning like an overworked hard drive all day long.

During those months I spent a lot of time on my laptop and phone researching my condition to understand it. While researching I came across several old blogs and websites where people wrote their experiences going through what I was going through. Most of them were long inactive and I was not able to get in touch with any of them except for one person who is still active. The blog is called From The Bottom of my Lvad.

Heart Failure

Heart Failure Pillow

My Heart Failure Pillow

I left the hospital in March 2014 with an artificial heart and I immediately set up my blog. I wanted to share my experiences to the world as soon as I possibly could. Unfortunately after setting up the blog I realized that I had almost no energy left from the major open heart surgery. I waited a some time until I felt better only to realize that my body was healed but my mind was cluttered and not ready to share.

On October I received the call for the heart transplant. I am currently still recovering from it because I am less than a month post transplant, but I feel like my mind is almost ready to start sharing with the world: to make a difference in someone’s life like other bloggers and writers who shared their story helped me.

Major Blogging Goal

I feel like my major goal in the blogging world is to write my complete raw experience as a heart failure survivor after going through two open heart surgeries on the same year: enduring an artificial heart for almost 9 months and a full blown heart transplant at the age of 20. I am also going to make myself available in case someone finds my blog and wants to ask me questions regarding what they, or a family member, are going to go through while going through End-Stage heart failure.

It might take some time for my brain to give up most of it, but in the meantime I will also be writing about other interests to avoid making blogging a chore. I am not expecting to become a hero, but I believe that those bloggers and writers that published their experiences were true heroes in my time of grief.


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  1. pilot379 says:

    Amazing.. I can not imagine what you are going through. I’m looking forward to read more about you.

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks for the comment. Had my past self met current me, he would be terrified of what he is destined to go through. It has made me a little stronger though.

  2. Bento Juls says:

    wow, looking forward to what you have to share

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