Heart Failure: Writing a Hearty Story

The biggest short term goal that I have for my blog is to write a chronologically ordered sequence of blog posts detailing how I managed to survive end-stage heart failure at the age of 20. When I start the story I am still 19 years old but I am not diagnosed until two months after I turn 20 so it will be written in between ages.


My goal is to write a sequence of related events in one post every day, or as often as I can post. This will avoid a massive single-page story and it will allow people, who are searching online because they too are going through heart failure, the simplicity of skipping to the stage that they are in so that they know what they should expect. Everything I write will be factual. Some things might be changed for the purpose of privacy but all of the events will be factual.

The Focus

I want to focus on several major events. These major events are classified as so because they were very crucial stages that most people going through heart failure will be asking themselves or would like to be informed about before they go through these stages themselves. The doctors know every detail of these stages but they tend to not tell you most things unless you know how to ask them. I will avoid the question asking and I will provide a fully descriptive story so that the reader actually has questions to ask. A better informed patient is more likely to have better outcomes because they will have a better grip on their own treatment.

The Events

The events consist of: (1) Normality- the time before any symptoms show up. (2) Suspicion- the period when symptoms show up but everyone is unsure of what they mean. (3) Misdiagnosis- events that lead to a misdiagnosis and their effect. (4) Panic- symptoms so strong that require the emergency room. (5) Diagnosis- the breaking news that changed my life. (6) Stabilization and hospitalization- the time where I am prepared for the next steps. (7) Artificial Heart implant- the surgery and the recovery period. (8) Changed Life: Living with an Artificial Heart (LVAD) while waiting for a heart. (9) Heart Transplant- Getting the phone call for the heart transplant and the recovery period. (10) New Life- Living with a new heart.


This writing goal has so many different sections to it because of the complexity of the events and the story as a whole. Being as transparent as possible and as detailed as possible will make it easier for people going through the same events to find the information that they need and it will make it easier for them to communicate with me if they so wish to ask me anything that I did not cover.

I hope to be able to publish the first part of this story sometime tomorrow. It will surely depend on whether I am able to recall the details right away or if I need to take some time in order to collect my thoughts.


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