HostGator: Webhost Review


Overall: Poor

Customer Service: Terrible
Technical Service: Poor
Uptime/Reliability: Okay

I used to have a blog through HostGator a couple of years ago and their experience with them was amazing. I remember being able to hope on a Live Chat and within minutes someone would be there and my issues would be fixed almost immediately. The uptime was great and I never had any major issues with my website through HostGator. They even went as far as fixing some of my WordPress issues caused by plugins.

I decided to come back to HostGator because of my amazing experience the last time that I hosted a blog with them. On May, 27, 2014 I purchased web hosting through them.
HostGator New Service
Everything was great at first. My website loaded very quickly, there was no noticeable downtime but that didn’t last too long. Suddenly my website started to have 10-30 minute downtimes several times in a single day so naturally I used the live chat feature to try to get it fixed. I hopped into the live chat only to be told that I was on 40 minute waiting list. I had no other choice so I waited. By the way, while writing this review I went back to the live chat to see if it was still taking a long time to get someone on live chat and the answer was Yes:
HostGator Live Chat waiting
After waiting 40 minutes I was greeted by a support agent. I explained my downtime issues and he responded by informing me that my website was loading fine from his end. I was dumbfounded by his response. Well of course it’s working now, my issue doesn’t occur on command, it occurs at random times of the day. He told me that he saw no downtimes on the server. I knew that was a complete lie because I was unable to access my website during the downtime through my home network and through my cellular network. I also tried pinging it from several services only to tell me it was not available.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, but with a warning. I would warn people about the bad customer service and about the servers that constantly have downtime issues. I would also warn people that HostGator was purchased by EIG, a company that purchases successful web hosting brands and lowers their quality for higher profit margins.


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