Obama: Immigrant Relief

Immigrant Statue

Obama will be giving a Presidential Address today on Live television on Cable. The biggest highlight of his address will discuss what he will be doing about an immigration reform. Obama has announced several times in the past several months that if Congress did not pass a comprehensive immigration reform he would do everything legally in his power to make sure that things get done. It is very likely that today he will announce his official plans on a temporary fix that will halt deportations for immigrants that have not committed any criminal offenses.

What will his actions mean?
If Obama does decide to give relief to undocumented immigrants it will mean that the immigrants will no longer be deportable (unless a crime is committed), they will receive a temporary work permit, and they will have to avoid by the law and pay back any unpaid taxes. The people that apply for this relief will not be able to become citizens: Obama does not have the power to do this only Congress. It will also mean that we no longer need to waste so much money processing undocumented immigrants that have committed no crimes. It will mean that there will be more safety because those immigrants that apply will have to identify themselves and get on Federal and State registries like other immigrants and citizens. It will also make it easier for politicians to pass a full reform in the near future because everyone that we want to keep will already be successfully registered and identified.

So where can you watch his address?

If you have Cable you might not be able to watch it through Cable because most networks have opted out of airing it due to political reasons. There might be a stream online. If I find a place where it can be watched online I will update this post with a link.

Stream: 8pmET through the WhiteHouse’s YouTube page. Embedded on this post.


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