Open Internet: Obama sides with us

On November 10, 2014 President Obama made an announcement saying that he is asking the FCC to reclassify internet services under title 2 of the telecommunications act. This would basically classify internet services as a Utility.

Now, this is a very exciting announcement to every internet user and blogger online especially to those that understand why. It’s no secret that we all rely heavily on the internet to do things like communicate (email, social networks, video, VoIP, etc), look up information, attend school or do homework, store files online, access our bank accounts, publish your work freely, shop, watch videos and listen to music, look up the news and weather, and many other tasks that require the internet. In other words, with a closed internet we would be back to the cable age when we were given few options on what to watch.

Without an open internet our voices are also affected. Today anybody can go online and create an online store and open up an online business. We could also open up a blog and write anything that we please. We take these things for granted because we have never lived without them. If the Cable companies succeed in closing down the open internet none of these things would be possible, of course, unless your pockets are deep enough. The only people that would be able to compete in a closed internet are those that can afford the premium prices to get into the “fast-lane”, a term created by the cable companies to hide the fact that what they want to do is throttle people that won’t pay them.

We have to remember that this is just an announcement. While it is good news that Obama has endorsed what everyone in America wants it is too early to start celebrating.


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