Winter has officially reached me


At least once per week for the past couple of weeks my weather app has been predicting snow and each prediction was just as wrong as the last. Last night there was a prediction of snow and I ignored it thinking that it was going to be another bad prediction. Well, I was wrong. When I went to sleep I forgot to close one of my window blinds so as I was waking up the blinding whiteness of the snow pouring through my window caught my attention. “What am I looking at, is that… snow?!” Is what went through my mind as I woke up blinded by the shining white snow.
Snow-Time-Utah-2014There were several kids running around yelling for about an hour before I finally had the strength to wake up. They were truly enjoying the snow just as much as I enjoyed it before I had the privilege of driving. Had this snow day happened three years ago, when I was 17-18, I would be out there with my younger siblings making a snowman.

This is in Utah and I have spent the last ten winters in Idaho so this is the first winter I’ve had to spend outside of my home state. Well, technically I spent last winter here in Utah was well but it doesn’t count because I spent it in a hospital room and I had no intentions in looking out the window in order to avoid feeling locked in.

I hope everyone has a safe winter. Drive slow in bad conditions and enjoy the snow if you can still enjoy it!



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  1. L.S. Engler says:

    We’re getting our first sticking snow this morning, too, and I don’t mind so much. Everyone around me complains about it, but it’s pretty much to be expected in Chicago. It’s just so pretty drifting around outside the window that I simply cannot be mad. It probably helps that I get to spend the day curled up inside if I want to today!

  2. Yeah, that’s what I want here to: a lot of snow. Here in the Netherlands we usually don’t get to much snow. Last year I bought a pair of ice skates. I am looking forward to using them on natural ice this winter!

  3. Wauw, you must be kidding. That would be so great to have around here! Sometimes when it snows really hard here, people go langlaufing. But that doesn’t compare to skiing at all. Hope you have a nice time there skiing!

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