Apps to get cash back from your groceries

We are all looking for ways to save money when doing our grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is different than shopping for a new phone or shopping for something that you can easily wait to purchase until the price drops. We need food now not tomorrow or next week or next month. So any dollar that you can save here and there could easily add up because you would have paid for it anyway.

Here are a few apps that could help you accumulate some money from your shopping trips. These apps allow you to photograph your receipts, submit them, and get some cash back that adds up over time.

Snap by Groupon

Snap by Groupon
Snap by Groupon has a very small and limited selection of products that can give you cash back. It basically works like coupons except that you don’t redeem anything at the cash register, instead you redeem it at home. You simply open up the app, browse the selection of products and if there is anything on there that you needed then you purchase it in your next shopping trip.
Snap by Groupon Screenshot
Once you purchase the product and have the receipt, you simply click on the Snap button and photograph your receipt. Within a couple of hours or a day, you will receive some money back. Occasionally Snap adds fresh produce to their selection but most of the items on their small selection are processed and packaged products. I’ve used it to redeem milk, onions, bananas, and other vegetables and fruits. In order to get paid you must have a minimum balance of $20. It takes a long time to get that balance because of how limited their selection is.


ibotta app
iBotta is very similar to Snap by Groupon except that their selection is much larger and they categorize the products by stores. The app also tells recommends items based on the stores closest to you. The larger selection is good except that they rarely have any fresh produce. I’ve only used the app to get cash back on milk, cereals, cookies, and orange juice. If you are a consumer that purchases a lot of packaged processed foods then iBotta will save you a lot of money.
To get money back you simply browse the items and purchase the ones that you need on your next shopping trip. It will ask you to watch a video about the product or learn a fact about it but you do not get the money until you redeem the product. To redeem it you just take a photo of your receipt and submit it. Your money will appear on your account but it takes up to a day for the money to be approved. They pay by Paypal and Venmo if you have a minimum balance of $10.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog App
This app is a little different than iBotta and Snap. This app does not have a selection of products that you can get money back for. Instead, you just purchase your groceries like you normally do and once you get home you click on the Camera button in the app and photograph the receipt and submit it. If you spent less than $10 on your shopping trip they reward you with 5 coins, $10-$50 10 coins, $50-$100 15 coins and anything above $100 is 20 coins. Every 1000 coins you earn you can cash out $5.

This app does not pay very well and it will take a long time to cash out depending on how often you go grocery shopping. But if you use it along with the other two apps it will eventually add up. The only complaints I have about the app is that I find myself having to submit a receipt several times before it finally reads it correctly. It also crashes very often and I’ve lost my points once.

Why do they pay for your receipts?
You have to remember that just like in social media websites, you are the product not the consumer. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money to find out what people buy in their shopping trips. You submit your receipts and these companies sell that information to companies willing to pay for it and in turn you get some of that money back. And in a way you are also a consumer in these apps. Companies know that if they add products to these apps that give you money back, you are more likely to purchase their products on your next shopping trip as opposed to their competitor’s products.

If you don’t mind the way these apps operate to get money then go ahead and earn a little bit of money on the side with these apps. It adds up and if you are smart with your shopping then it will end up saving you a lot of money over time.


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