Check your tire pressure in the winter

This tip should go without saying but it could prove useful for young people or to those that forget every year to do this. The winter cold tends to flatten your tires quicker so be sure to check your tire’s pressure more frequently during the winter.
car-tireThis year the winter snuck up on me due to my recent heart transplant. Usually I’m ready for it but this year I just did not have the time or energy to do any preparation. I have a small 2008 Chevrolet Aveo (pictured above) and because the tires are so small its hard to tell when they need air. The car was starting to feel a little heavy to turn today and this past week it had been consuming a lot more gas than what it usually does.

I decided to check first to avoid a longer trip to a tire center and check its pressure first. At home I usually have an electric tyre pump that has a pressure reader, however, I left that at my parent’s house when I moved to Utah for heart failure treatment. So I went to the AutoZone next door and purchased a small digital pressure gauge reader for $8.
tire-pressure-gaugeIt turns out that my suspicions were correct: the tires are supposed to have 40 PSI but it some only had 30 PSI and others 32 PSI. So because I did not have anything to add air with, I went to Les Scwabs and they quickly added air without any hassle. This little device is a good frugal investment. It will save you a lot of money on gas if you use it to check your tire pressure at least once per week in the winter. Another good tip is to make sure that your car only has antifreeze and have the water drained. I know many people use water in the summer to save on the cost of antifreeze. I wouldn’t recommend ever using water but if you do use water, be sure to drain it before the winter freezes up your motor.





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