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When you go to the store to shop for your groceries do you ever wonder where your food came from? I’ll be honest, prices can get in the way of my food choices and I don’t always think about where the pork or chicken came from that I am about to consume. I am trying to change the way that I purchase my meats so that I have a cleaner conscience when I prepare a meat dish. Sure, I could always resort to a vegan diet to prevent risking a dirty conscience at all but the truth is that I am not someone that could tolerate a full vegan diet without consuming at least a little meat every couple of days.

Here are a few reminders for anyone concerned with what goes on your plate. You should always strive to get meat from producers that treat their animals correctly. Sad, tortured animals tend to have a higher chance of disease. When disease shows up on a herd of animals the farmers tend to inject them with ridiculous amounts of medications including antibiotics. These antibiotics end up in your plate and shortly are processed by your body. Do you really want to consume medicines and antibiotics? Personally I want to avoid consuming any of that, I already take plenty of medicines on my own, I don’t need any more medicine on my food.

How were your pigs raised?

This video by Mercy for Animals shows how Walmart’s pork distributors treat their pigs. The pigs are kept in cages where they are not able to turn around and they have absolutely no room to even move. The piglets have their tails cut off with dull blades as well. Pigs are very smart animals and this video reflects that they are abusing them to the point that they have completely lost their minds. What we consider smart animals are rendered to nothing. I normally do not consume very much pork- the only pork product I purchase is ham for my sandwich but I haven’t purchased any from Walmart for years. I wouldn’t recommend supporting a chain that treats these animals so cruelly.

How was your chicken raised?

And we also have America’s favorite meat: chicken. This video by Compassion USA shows how Perdue chicken farms are grown. The farmer in the video finally grew tired of how Purdue demanded that he treated his chickens that he finally decided to speak up. Most chicken farms are kept closed from the public to avoid public outrage because Purdue false advertises that they “believe in a better chicken”. According tot he farmer Purdue made him sign a contract that prohibited him from giving the chickens any natural sunlight or fresh air. The chickens that Purdue provides the farmers are also heavily genetically modified in order to make them grow bigger and fatter in less time than a regular non-modified chicken. All of these modifications cause a lot of disease and health problems for the chickens early in their lifetimes.

Will you consider these factors when grocery shopping?

Now that you’ve seen how two of our favorite meats are treated before they reach our plate you should think about your meat choices the next time you go shopping for your groceries. No, you do not need to become a vegetarian you just need to vote with your money. And it is possible to raise chicken without having to resort to treating our animals in such a cruel manner, and I can say that confidently because some European countries have already made these practices illegal.


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