Merry Christmas and happy New year Resolution!

Merry-Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!


I hope that everyone is having happy holidays this year in a warm, loving home. This year has been a very long one and it is finally about to end. For me this year was the best and the worst in my life so far. I struggled with heart failure but then again I also survived it, all in one year. I hope that everyone is able to close this year on a good note as well.

For those that did not close on a good note, or at least not as good as you wanted to end it, it is always good to come up with a New Year’s resolution. I try to come up with something small every year that will make my next one a little more enjoyable. For my 2015 New year resolution I want to finish writing my personal story on heart failure and surviving through it with an artificial heart (LVAD) and ultimately being saved by a heart transplant (all of this happened in 2014 by the way). It would mean the world if my story¬†helped even one person in the future while searching on Goole or some other search engine.

I hope everyone reading this enjoys the holidays and make sure to come up with resolution for next year.



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