Pain medications take the energy out of you

In the past couple of months I have been attempting to write about my full experience of my past year with heart failure. Unfortunately I have not had the energy to go through with it because of the pain medications.

I had my heart transplant 8 weeks ago and I am still taking pain medications due to the surgical removal of my sternum.

Image Credit to Rob Swatski

Image Credit to Rob Swatski

When I was discharged from the hospital I was given about 15 Tramadol pain medications. When I had an artificial heart (LVAD) implanted I also received a small dosage of Tramadol but I never finished them because the pain was very manageable even though they removed my sternum then as well. However, this time I ended up having to refill it twice. My first refill was 30 pills and my second one was of 60 pills which I still have most of. Then suddenly I started having stomach pains which were not helped with the pain meds and I was given Hydrocodone, even stronger than Tramadol pain medications.

I truly do believe that the pain medications suck the energy out of me. I will sit down and make a goal of reading at least one chapter of a book, but I end up reading a couple of pages before falling asleep for a whole hour. I also make a goal to start writing about my heart failure experiences, and I can only write so much before my energy level is so low that I need to take a quick nap. It really does affect my daily life because I cannot do as much as I used to without getting extremely fatigued.

Hopefully the pain becomes more manageable in the weeks to come so that I can finally put my pain medications away for good. I was reading online on pain medications and it ¬†became apparent that many people become addicted to the pain medications for taking them for a long time, so I want to cut my addiction chances and rid myself of them as soon as the pain is no longer an issue. Luckily I do not take the full dosage, which is about 4 pills a day, I only take one before I go to sleep but it’s enough to fatigue me through the next day. Although there have been times when I take a second one in the morning due to terrible pain in my sternum.

Fairly soon I will have the energy to publish my experiences with heart failure and I hope that my writing helps encourage those that are going through the same painful and emotional experiences that come with heart failure.


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