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If you are looking for reviews forĀ then you are either searching for an online company that runs public records checks to find an old friend or a family member that you lost contact with. Or maybe you just made a mistake of giving PeopleFinders your services and you are one of their victims and are searching around the web for similar stories. Either way, this is my personal review of PeopleFinders.

First of all, I am not new to public records searching. Every time we look for new Tenants to rent our house I request a background check and a credit check from a tenant Screening company. PeopleFinders, of course, is not a place to be searching for your tenant’s reports because it only lists very limited information: just enough to find a friend of family member that you have long lost contact with over the years. Or so I though.

Why I decided to try them

I decided to look around for a friend that I had lost contact for a couple of years. I searched several databases and they were all very outdated. They listed phone numbers that were long disconnected and addresses that were long outdated. When I found PeopleFinders I decided to give them a try because they listed a city that looked very new to me. This record looked like it was up to date, so I ordered it.

I received the report to my email about 5 minutes later. I was very impressed with the speed. I opened the report to find out that it actually did not have the updated address that they were advertising. It also did not list any phone number like it advertised. I decided to do a search again to verify that it did advertise the new address, and it did show up. So I decided to give customer service a call.

My experience with their phone customer service

I called their customer service phone number and I was placed on a short 1 minute wait. The service representative asked for my email, name, and zip code and asked what the problem was. I told her that I received a different report than advertised and let her know that a different city was advertised. She asked me to wait a minute while she looked. I agreed and she hung up. Okay, maybe it was a technical error, let me try again.

So I make a second call and this time it’s a 3 minute wait. The representative asks the same questions and I give the same answers. She asks me to wait. And again, I am hung up on. I will give them the benefit of the doubt again.

So I make a third call and this time the machine loops and doesn’t let me go through to a customer representative. So I borrow a family member’s phone and try with them, maybe it’s their services that are failing, right?

I make a fourth call with my family member’s phone and it goes through just fine: odd, right? The customer service representatives goes through the same questions and I provide the same information. I am asked to hold and just like the previous times, the phone is hung up.

At this point I am starting to become frustrated because I have been trying to get this issue resolved for over an hour. So I call for a fifth time and I let the customer service know that I have been hung up on 3 times and I am trying to get this issue resolved through them before I charge back through my debit card company. For some reason the line didn’t get cut off this time, odd. So she pretended to do something on her computer and she told me that the city that was being advertised to me doesn’t exist on her side. I told her that it did and that I had just verified it recently. She asked me to look again and I did. Well, what do you know, they removed the advertised city. So now they made me look like a liar and they refused to give any refunds. I let her know that if it was not corrected I wanted a refund otherwise I would have to charge back. I was hung up on, but this was for the last time because I did not wish to call back.

Fraud Charges

I decided it was time to contact my debit card company to let them know of the issues. I made the payment with a PayPal master card so I logged in to Paypal. What I found was worse than I thought. They had charged my debit card for 3 different things when I only authorized 1 charge. I quickly called Paypal to dispute the charges and their resolution was to cancel my debit card and get me a new one, to avoid any new fraud charges. They also said they would open a dispute case. I was lucky enough that the fraud charges added up to less than $10 so I got off easy.

Overall Experience

My overall experience was terrible. I was advertised a different product than what I was sold and the customer service experience was a nightmare. They also ended up putting fraud charges on my debit card and I had to end up canceling my card to avoid getting any more charges. At the end of the day I did not receive any useful service so my long lost friend is still long lost.

If you are planning on trying them out- save your wallet and yourself from frustration and please don’t. If you are a victim of their fraud/scams then let me know your experience.

Update (12/11/14):

After about 4 days of Paypal disputing the charges with the company, the company finally decided to refund the money in full. The support continued to be very crude and even pointed out that they did not refund anything according to their TOS but they were doing an exception. I decided to just let it go and not argue with them any more since I was getting a refund so I did not reply back. I don’t know how they can even justify taking money from my account without my permission.


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