Winter has invaded

It’s official, winter is here to stay. We’ve had several small snow storms in the past two months here in Utah, but they did’t last very long. This time the snow is quickly replaced by more snow before it gets a chance to start melting. I can’t imagine what my face looked like when I woke up to this sighting:
Winter-Begins-2014Luckily I live next to a major road so the roads are usually kept very clean and safe to drive on. The only thing that is really hurting me is the cold weather. My heater now has to turn on more often and while my regular electric bill is between $25-$32 per month, this past month I was charged $79. I really wasn’t expecting that high winter electric bill. It is also affecting my health because bacteria and viruses tend to spread a lot better in the cold, and because I do not have an immune system I keep getting very close to getting sick every time I go out into public.

I’m hoping for a short winter but you don’t always get what you wish for so we’ll have to see how this winter turns out.


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  1. Snow rained at my neighborhood earlier this January.

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