Why did Apple keep the 16gb capacity iPhone 6?

In the past I have owned Androids with less than 8gb capacity and iPhones with 8 and 16gb capacity and honestly that amount of storage was good 5-6 years ago. The last iPhone I had was an iPhone 4S 16gb model but over the almost two years that I owned it the updates started to eat up space and the apps started to consume more storage. But it all crept up that I decided it was fine if I purchased the iPhone 6 with 16gb.

Was I happy with the 16gb on the iPhone 6?

Oh boy, was I wrong. As soon as I turned on the phone I noticed that I only had 12gb out of the 16gb. I expected some memory to be taken because operating systems take up room and formatting the drive always makes it smaller than promised. But this is the most it has taken since I’ve owned an iPhone. Once I installed the few apps that I used I was left with a little under 9gb. Once I started to use the camera for pictures I quickly started to go under the 6gb mark. And over time some apps started to cache things that dropped me under the 5gb mark. I constantly had to dig around to reinstall apps and move pictures to my computer to clear up some space.

Should I deal with the 16gb or pay for more storage?

It got to the point where I was thinking about returning the phone or paying an extra $100 for the 64 gb model. I was very frustrated that Apple didn’t make the 32 gb model the introductory phone but I was even more frustrated that they purposely left out a huge difference between the 16 gb and the 64 gb. If you know basic math and are able to easily tell that the 32 gb should be in between the 16 and the 64. In the end I decided that I could not wait 3-5 days to return my phone and get a refund because I needed the phone. My solution was to just pay up $100 more for the 64 gb version. So I walked into the apple store and they quickly took my phone and brought out a new 64 gb model. At the moment I am able to easily balance out my phone’s storage between 40-50gb and it is a lot easier to manage.

So why did Apple decide to keep the 16gb model?

Apple wants you to believe that people are happy with 16 gb phones. And they maintain their stance that they are keeping it due to a high demand. This is not true, however. People are not flocking to the 16gb model because they purposely want 16gb, instead, they are actually flocking to the 16gb model because of the price. In a world where Apple is not greedy we would have 32 gb iPhone 6’s and the 16gb would be eliminated and the price would either stay the same as the 16gb or be raised a couple of dollars ($8-10) instead of $50-100. But of course, we do not live in that world. In this world we pay $100 more for an upgrade that costs less than $10.


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