iOS 8.1.3 released

The update for apple mobile devices was released last night. Not everything was fixed and not everything is good.IMG_0172-0.PNG

First of all, Apple did patch jailbreaks on 8.1.3 so if you are someone that needs to have their phone jailbroken then you should not update until there is a jailbreak for if it. The past jailbreaks have been coming out very quickly so this jailbreak could come our quickly as well.

Apple has also made it so updates take a little less space on your device. I noticed that it freed up 300mb from my 64gb iPhone 6. This also fixed a spotlight bug that prevented some of your apps from showing up.

The battery draining issues still have yet to be fixed. I noticed that my iPhone 6 is actually draining a lot faster with this update. I’m hoping that Apple addresses this issue on their next bug fix.


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