A Failing Heart: The Second Scare

The summer of 2013 was long gone and I had already forgotten about the illness that I experienced on my trip to California. I started my second year of college on the Fall of 2013 in late August. My birthday was only two months away and I was to turn 20 in October.

Something is wrong, yet again

School was going fairly well although not as good as my previous year and I could feel it. The end of September was approaching and I noticed that I was gaining a lot of weight, I felt very tired all of the time, my stomach hurt, I had very little appetite, I felt very depressed for absolutely no reason, and I could not walk very far without getting tired.

I started to explain to my mother what I was experiencing. She looked worried but not in an urgent sense. We just scheduled a clinic appointment just in case. I went to my appointment to the clinic in Burley, Idaho next to the hospital where I was given some Nexium pill samples to control the acid reflux and sent home. I finished the dose in the period that I was supposed to finish them but I still felt the same.

Seeking a Second opinion

The nexus pills hadn’t helped very much. They did help me eat a little better but all of my other symptoms were still there. I would get extremely tired just climbing up the stairs at home. I would feel out of breath as if I had just ran a mile.

The Stairs that exhausted me

The Stairs that exhausted me

At this point we started taking it more serious and set up an appointment at a different clinic. This time it was at a clinic near the entrance of Burley, Idaho. I headed to this appointment where I was simply told that I was overweight and that I needed to exercise more and basically just sent home. This made me very angry because I had been doing exercise regularly at the college gym and I knew that it wasn’t normal to gain so much weight so out of a sudden without changing my diet or activity. I decided to double my workouts and see what happened.

And It’s Gone, Again

After a couple of weeks I felt a lot better. I dismissed the incident thinking that I just needed to exercise more to make up for the extended of periods of sitting that I did in my classes. It went away almost overnight- from zero energy, stomach pains, and no appetite to full of energy, no stomach pain, and very hungry. My weight started to drop as well. Somewhere deep in me I knew that this sudden change was too good to be true, but I still dismissed it thinking that it was just a bump in the road.

October rolled in and I enjoyed my little birthday party with  my family. We had cake and a lot of food. I buried this event just like I had buried the summer event. This was a mistake of me to dismiss such large events but so far it had even fooled two clinic doctors. If a professional couldn’t figure it out then I had no chance of figuring it out at that point in time.


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