An Apple Watch saves a teen’s life


apple watch heart rate

Screenshot from of the teen saved by the Apple Watch.

I just recently saw these news of a High School senior that was alerted of multiple organ failures thanks to the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor feature. The teenager said that he was experiencing chest pain before he noticed that the Apple Watch was reading a heart rate of 145. He went to a hospital where he found out that he had heart failure, kidney failure, and liver failure.

The reason why I took interest in this story is because I went through a similar experience back in 2013. I was logging a heart rate of 120 to 160 when I tested my heart rate on a free application called “Instant Heart Rate ” by Azumio on the Apple App store.

Here are some things to keep in mind with this story. Usually when you start to experience heart failure the other organs also start to fail because every organ in your body relies on your heart for a constant flow of blood. I also experienced kidney and liver failure but I quickly recovered from both of those things once my heart was given medical attention. It’s also good to keep in mind that the Apple Watch is not the only device that can keep track of your heart rate. There are other devices such as the Fitbit, jogging monitor watches, Android watches, and even some chest straps. Personally I use the Fitbit because it records my heart rate 24/7, the battery lasts 5 days, and it is not as expensive as the Apple watch.

The teenager also received an internship from Apple for the summer. I hope that everything goes well for him and that he doesn’t experience any other health issues in the future.


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