iPhone 6S Keeps the 16GB tier

While I was preordering my iPhone 6s I was very disappointed to find out that Apple kept their 16GB tier even though a phone with that little memory is basically useless especially because photos will now take double the space.

I normally don’t preorder phones because of how expensive it can be but this year it is an exception. I purchased a phone through Tmobile’s new Jump On Demand deal and it allows me to preorder the new iPhone 6S and still keep my $15 payments. Plus, Tmobile also allowed me to upgrade from the 16GB phone to the 64GB phone for no extra cost so this Apple scam does not affect me in any way.

6s and 6s plus comparison

Credit: Apple.com

What I like about the phone

There are only features that attract me to the new iPhone: the 12 megapixel camera, the faster A9 CPU, the band 12 capability, and the 3d touch. This year’s iPhone is very disappointing because of Apple’s decision to keep the 16GB tier and because of its few new features. But we already know why they’re doing this: to force people to pay $100 more to get a realistic storage.


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