Kim Davis is in Jail

One of the most discussed topics in the United States is the issue of Same-Sex marriage. For a very long time LGBT couples have endured a long battle which usually ended up with them losing even more rights. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was the hardest roadblock for the LGBT community and the whole country was split on the issue.

After a lot of disagreement some states began adding their own state laws legalizing Same-Sex marriage. Over time, more people started to agree that it was unconstitutional to not allow LGBT couples to marry and in June 26, 2015 Same-Sex marriage was legalized throughout the United States on the Federal Level.

Not Everyone Agreed

Of course, whenever the United States makes a decision, especially one as large as this one, not everyone agrees with the outcome. However, regardless of the decisions we all have to respect the law or face the consequences if we choose not to abide by them.

Kim Davis in Jail

Kim Davis in Jail

There is one particular person that has made the headlines on this particular topic, her name is Kim Davis and she is a county clerk in Kentucky. She decided that she would not issue marriage licenses to anyone. She has tried to appeal at every court including the Supreme Court and she was recently ordered by a Federal Judge to issue the marriage licenses or be charged for contempt of court- which is fair considering that she is breaking both the law and a federal judge’s orders.

She refused to follow the Judge’s orders and continued to disobey the law and she did end up being locked up. Now the religious right is trying to spin the story and claim that the judge is trying to persecute Christians. The whole thing is fair and she does have to follow the law but cannot be fired because she is an elected official, which will most likely happen considering that most people in that country (5 of 6 people) do not agree with her actions.

The latest  news on Kim Davis comes today. People from the religious right are gathering in front of the Judge’s house in an attempt to try and shame him using religious attacks. I do not see the federal judge turning around considering that he has to follow the law as well, but now I’m left to wonder how long Kim Davis will stay in Jail until she either gives in, gets recalled, or quits.


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