Kim Davis is Released

Yesterday I published a post about Kim Davis and her jailing. She was in custody because she failed to follow a federal judge’s orders. Initially the federal judge said that she would only be released if she agreed to start issuing marriage licenses. Kim Davis spent 5 days in custody and refused to agree to the terms, even though she has no choice because she is obligated to follow the law.

Later on the same day in Grayson, Kentucky she was released from custody. The federal judge ordered that she could not interfere with the issuing of marriage licenses.

Kim Davis is Released

What will Kim Davis do

Now that Kim Davis is released everyone is wondering what Kim Davis will do with her liberty. Her lawyer refuses to say whether she plans to interfere with the marriage licenses or not. He publicly said that people would “find out in the near future.”. Considering that he also mentioned that Kim Davis will not violate her conscience, it is fair to assume that Kim Davis will find herself back in custody for breaking the law.


Several politicians are trying to profit from the Kim Davis headlines. Huckabee said that he would take her place in jail. Ted Cruz was also one of the people trying to profit from the scandal along with several other Republicans who enjoy the support of the far Christian right.

For now everything is good. Lets see what happens next. I personally hope that it ends with Kim Davis being recalled or quitting on her own.


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  1. John Ryan says:

    Dan Savage has wrote about Kim Davis and speculates that she’s courting notoriety hoping to benefit from it with speaking gigs and whatnot down the road. He feels that we should ignore her as much as possible: I think he’s right, but it’s hard to ignore such outrageous behavior.

    • Sulfen says:

      It is a good idea to ignore her to a certain extent. We still need to make sure that she’s held accountable though. But once she’s held accountable then just ignore her and move on with life.

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