Teenager Ahmed Mohamed Arrested over an invention

These types of stories are starting to become too common in the United States. This time a 14 year old named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for brining a clock to school: not just any clock however, a home made clock.


The Clock Ahmed Mohamed Made

Ahmed wanted to show his invention to his teachers and classmates in Irving, Texas. He had showed it to his Engineering teacher who advised him not to show it to anyone else. He decided to show it to his English teacher and the English teacher took it as a thread and let him know that it looked like a bomb. Ahmed’s invention was a digital clock created inside of a pencil case.

Ahmed Mohammed Arrested

Ahmed Mohammed Arrested

Unfortunately the English teacher and the Principal blew this out of proportion. The police were called and he was arrested. News like these make me realize that the terrorists have already won: most Americans are paranoid that a brown 14 year old will blow up a school after the 9/11 attack.

His Father ran for President of Sudan

It turns out that Ahmed’s father tried running for president in Sudan and advocated for equal rights for everyone. This video resurfaced on youtube of Mohamed Elhassan, Ahmed’s father, talking about his intentions of running as a President of Sudan, which resurfaced after the news of Ahmed being arrested. He only won 1% of the vote but that was expected considering that the country had been ran as a dictatorship by the same man since 1993.

However, his family’s work shows that the school district didn’t just mess with an intelligent kid: he messed with an intelligent family. In the coming days I believe that a lawsuit will begin against the school by Ahmed’s family. And it would be well deserved because it is not appropriate to handle these situations the way that the school handled them.

President Obama invited Ahmed

Luckily for Ahmed his run with the school district and the police did not end up completely badly. President Obama tweeted Ahmed and complimented his clock and even invited him to bring it to the white house. We will see a lot of controversy about this in the next couple of days but I hope that in the end this kid’s dreams and ambitions were not crushed by his school district’s terrible handling of the situation.


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  1. Thessauron says:

    You’re exactly right. Terrorists dun aim to kill just a few people. They aim for widespread paranoia, which result in discrimination and terror and segregation. Real tragedy here.

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