The SuperMoon Eclipse 2015

As most of you already know today we had a Supermoon eclipse. Unfortunately I was not able to see the blood moon part of it because of the clouds but I did get to see the supermoon!

SuperMoon 2015

The last time we had a Supermoon was in 1982 and I wasn’t even alive yet! The next time that we have a Supermoon will in in the year 2033 and I’m hoping that I am alive and well enough to see it! I snapped a picture with the only camera that I have: my iPhone and of course the quality isn’t very good even with the new 12 megapixel iPhone 6S camera.

Ten minuted after I snapped this photograph the moon was engulfed in clouds. I waited over two hours until the moon was visible again and I took a night photo.

SuperMoon night shot

I hope that everyone enjoyed this special day and that in 18 years you and your loved ones are able to enjoy it again. It’s the small things in life that make a huge difference.


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