I moved my website and added encryption

by violinha on Flickr

by violinha on Flickr

I was previously hosting this website using NameCheap’s webhosting service to keep my website online. However, the promotion that I received from them was set to expire on October 30 so I decided to move hosts and see what was out there.

The New Webhost

After some searching I decided to go with a webhosting company called AkiHosting. They did offer free website migrations but after waiting several hours it was clear that they were understaffed and so I went ahead and migrated it myself. The migration went successfully and I noticed immediately that the website was loading a lot faster than it was on NameCheap. So I ran some tests and its loading time was only 1ms compared to the average of 100ms on NameCheap.


encrypted seal



I also decided to go ahead and add encryption to my website. Encryption makes it impossible for anyone to hack or spy on any of my visitors. It also ensures that my website ranks higher on search engines like Google. Last year Google made it so that websites and blogs that have an SSL certificate get ranked higher in the search results. You can tell if a website has an SSL certificate by looking at the address bar, if it has a green lock and a green https then it has a valid SSL certificate. If it is red then it still has a certificate but it was not issued by a trusted company, it was just issued by the owner of the website.

Once I have hosted my website with AkiHosting for a couple of months, I might do a review on my thoughts of this webhost. For now, I am very happy that everything is working and that everything is much faster.


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