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YouTube Red

YoutTube recently released YouTube red to the public with a 30 month free trial. YouTube’s (or Google’s) plan is to get people to pay $9.99 per month for a YouTube experience without advertisements. They sweetened up the deal by making it so that you also have access to Google Music with this subscription, which is a music on demand streaming service.

Because this trial is free for everyone a lot of YouTube content creators were afraid that they might not get paid this month and so some people are fairly angry about that although I am not certain if this is the case. Others are angry because this new system rewards people who make longer videos more than it rewards those that make short but quality videos. So those YouTubers that make videos like gameplays or Vlogs will suddenly be making more money while those that make short clips like animations will be making a lot less.

The Free Trial

I went ahead and signed up for the free trial just to see what it was all about. I was amazed at how different the YouTube experience is without advertisements. The website looks very clean and watching a video is instant because you do not have to wait for the advertisement to end or for the little “skip ad” button to come up so that you can click it. I am still having trouble justifying paying $9.99 for this service (yes, even with the Google Music feature) but it is tempting because the experience is amazing.

I do make and monetize some videos on YouTube and so far I have not noticed a difference in my advertisement revenue from YouTube but we will see how it is in the next couple of months once the YouTube red subscriptions settle. For now I will enjoy the free trial and be glad that the next 30 days will be ad free. And yes, you absolutely can install an ad blocker but I don’t use them because I know that in the long term those can hurt a lot of people that depend on them.


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2 Responses

  1. Thessauron says:

    Maybe I’m just used to it, but the ads don’t bother me that much, if at all. The whole thing feels like a money spinning adventure by Google/Youtube to me. They encourage ads, now they give you a paid method to avoid ads. Rather terrible manipulation of Youtube users if you ask me.

    • Sulfen says:

      I didn’t actually think about it that way. I do like that it is optional, if you like watching ads then you are not forced to change. But knowing how people react, it is very likely that you are right, that it is manipulating them. I’m just hoping that it’s not as big of a mistake like Google Plus was.

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