NameCheap Web Hosting review 2015

NameCheap host expiring

On October 31, 2014 I signed up for one of NameCheap’s new web hosting packages. I selected the Value package because it fit my needs and the price was incredible, actually, the price is still incredible because they are still offering the same packages.

What the value package includes

The value package costs $9.88 for one year and includes:

  1. 20GB SSD Disk space
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. And up to 3 websites can be hosted

While the first year costs an amazingly low price of $9.88, the renewal price is $38.88 for a whole year. That price is still a steal for what you’re getting as it comes out to $3.24 per month.

My Usage

Namecheap Disk Space usage

I was only using a 253.55mb out of the 20GB space that I was allocated.

NameCheap bandwidth usage cpanel

I used between 1.4GB to 4GB of bandwidth per month. My website is not extremely popular so I get away with minimal bandwidth usage. However, this wouldn’t be a problem considering that there is Unlimited Bandwidth in this host, within reason however.


NameCheap Web Hosting Uptime 2015

From October 31, 2014 to today, October 9, 2015 Pingdom reported a 99.58% uptime. Or approximately 35 hours and 3 minutes of downtime. The average response speed was 1,642 ms. Most of the downtime was between 3 to 15 minutes at a time so although there were a lot of events when the servers went down, it didn’t take very long for it to come back up.


Their support chat is very proactive. I only contacted them for help about 4 times throughout the year but only 1/4 of those times were about the hosting; most of them were regarding my domain. The time that I did contact them they were quick to find a resolution. And it helps that they are very knowledgeable. I like to say that they are the same quality like HostGator was before it was acquired by EIG.

My Conclusion

I Give them a 5/5 on support.
I give them a 4/5 on uptime.
I give them a 5/5 on price.

Without any hesitation I do recommend NameCheap’s web hosting to everyone. You really can’t go wrong with them especially if you are wanting to put up your first blog or website on the web for an affordable price and with reliable servers.



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