Recreational Cannabis in Oregon

Marijuana Oregon

Credit to Dave H on Flickr

Today Oregon became the third state to allow marijuana to be sold for recreational purposes. While the marijuana debate is a split issue for the United States, I personally think that this was the correct move. The money made from the sales help the state maintain programs that help the community and it also helps maintain the infrastructure such at the roads and public buildings.

There are some rules, however. You must be 21 years of age or older and the purchase limit is 7 grams. It can be purchased at the existing medical marijuana dispensaries. Not every town is allowing the sales either and it might not be taxed for a while. The economic influx from people coming from other states will be the biggest economic factor for them until a tax is approved.

Good for you Oregon. There are a lot of economic benefits and they also get to fight off the black market that the cartels have held for a long time.


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