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I was laying in bed last night unable to sleep so I went into the storage room and fetched a book to read. I am not the type of person that can go to bed very easily, I often have to find something to do in order to become tired and fall asleep. And so as I was reading the book I realized that this was the last book I had in the whole house; I’ve already read most of them. I tend to go online and purchase $10-$30 worth of books at a time to read. These many books last me a good 2-5 weeks before I have to go out and purchase new ones and I usually buy them used from Half.com or Amazon.

Why am I spending so much money?

As I was shopping around Amazon for new books to read I saw an advertisement about an amazon service called Kindle Unlimited. It id get my attention because it basically allowed to an access to an ebook library where I could download as many books as I could possibly read for only $9.99. I decided to give it a try and see how well the service works for me. It looks like the kindle unlimited library has well over 1.3 million titles in it so now I have to dig and find some interesting books to read.

In the past I avoided ebooks because they were overpriced and I did not have a device where I could properly read. I had a small iPhone 4s screen where it was not practical to properly read a book. Now that I have an iPhone 6S, with a larger screen, the text is a lot cleaner to look at and it makes reading a lot easier. I will have to try this service for a month and see how I end up liking it and to see if it does end up saving me money.


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  1. Thessauron says:

    Electronic library service? Sounds worthwhile to try out.

    • Sulfen says:

      I did have OverDrive when I lived in Salt Lake City. The membership was free and there was a lot of choices. But now in the town that I live they don’t offer it, and the closest town that offers it charges $200 a year. My college offers a tiny selection of free ebooks as well, so this is the best choice for me at the moment.

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