New Catnip plant for my cat

Capnip Plant


I’m sure that everyone has heard of Catnip before. You just sprinkle some on a cat and they start to behave differently. Their eyes might get dilated, they might start to purr uncontrollably, they will probably be rolling around on the floor, and they might even try to scratch or bite if you attempt to pet them. ¬†Yea, this dried plant that you normally buy at the pet store can be considered “cat weed”.

Dried Catnip is expensive

I noticed two weeks ago that we were out of dried catnip and so I was considering going to the pet shop on my way back from school when I realized that this stuff was just a plant. I went online to research the catnip plant. I was thinking about purchasing some seeds and growing my own plant but I quickly realized that it was going to be very expensive growing a plant during the winter time. There is very little sun and so it wouldn’t grow very quickly.

I then came across a live plant on, and so I ordered it. It came to less than $6 with a 20% discount and it also comes with free shipping. Once they shipped it I got it in 3 days and the plant was well packaged. It was a little sad so I planted it in a larger pot and gave it some water. In a couple of days it was looking a lot better so I decided to introduce my cat to a live catnip plant to see how he reacted.

My Cat’s reaction

I actually did not expect much of a reaction from my cat because I thought that they only responded to the plant when it was died. I was wrong.

cat eating catnip plant

At first the cat did not notice the plant and so I decided to gram him and place him right in front of the plant. He quickly took interest in it and started smelling it. And then he quickly took a huge bite out of a leaf and started munching on it. I was so happy to see that this was indeed the correct plant but at the same time it was really odd watching a cat munch on a leaf.

But he didn’t stop there, he went for another and another and when we attempted to take the plant away in order to save it, he jumped up and attempted to eat as much as he could before we took it away. This plant will have to stay far away from the cat, at least until it’s mature enough to be eaten in big quantities and not die. And considering that a single ounce of dried catnip can run anywhere between $3 and $8, this could save a lot of money!


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