AkiHosting.com Customer Review

On October 2015 I decided to move my blog to a new web hosting company. Usually when you stay with the same hosting company, their services start to decline and so it’s always better to move your website somewhere else once in a while.

I went with AkiHosting.com because they offered a hosting package with an SSL certificate. With a promotion their “Plus” package at the time was only $3.50. Their packages have since changed and they now offer Basic, Advance, and Business packages.

Website Transfer

Akihosting offers to move your website for you as an incentive to move to their services. I thought that this was a great offer even though I know how to move my own website. I contacted them and asked them to help me move my website over. After waiting for over 12 hours I decided to just move it on my own. They eventually did respond but it was very delayed.

Customer Service

Their customer service is friendly but i do not think that they are very knowledgeable. Like I said previously, they offer a free SSL certificate with a certain package but you have to ask for them to set it up first. Contacting them was a hassle. Once they installed the certificate it was up to you to properly set up the certificate to work with your website. As an advanced user this was fine but most people would never be able to set up the certificate properly with the kind of support that they offer.


Their prices at the time were really affordable with the promotions. Today they’re a little pricier but they are still affordable. Their basic package runs at $1.90 a month while their Business package runs at $6.90 a month. However, you might get lucky and find a promotion for them on the WebHostingTalk forums.


This is where AkiHosting has a lot of work to do. Every couple of weeks they kept moving servers. And every time they did this, I had several new bugs on my blog. And their support just wasn’t knowledgeable enough to help you fix the problems caused by the constant moving. At one point I did ask if they could set up a new hosting package for me so that I could start fresh but they declined. This is the reason why I ended up moving. I didn’t like constantly having to fix things that got broken by all the migrations.


I would give this host a 3/5 stars. I would not highly recommend this host to anyone.


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