Overall: Poor

Customer Service: Poor
Technical Service: Poor
Uptime/Reliability: Poor
Price: Very Good
URL: https://legionhoster.com

LegionHoster Plans

LegionHoster Shared Plans

Technical Support Experience

When I first tried this WebHost back in early 2016 I tried it because of the price and the good feedback that the company was getting. It took several hours for their support to set up my plan. When it was finally set up, I migrated my website over to their services. It was a quick process but I ran into several issues that I had not experienced with any other host.

I tried to handle the errors that were occurring during the migration to LegionHoster. I was getting several permission errors and so I decided to contact their support. Their support sent me links to guides on how to fix it rather than actually fix the problem. I followed the guides and I was still getting the same error. I contacted support again and I was greeted with a message suggesting that I learn how to use Google to search for answers. I spent the next couple of days trying to figure it out until I finally gave up and purchased a hosting package from another company. I was able to migrate my website without a single error code.


Their prices are very attractive and it is actually the reason why I even considered going to them. Their prices range from $1.99 per month to $4.99 per month.The only differences between their packages is the disk space, bandwidth, add-on domains and subdomains, and email accounts allowed.

While I have experienced great support and service from other companies offering plans at this price range, LegionHoster.com is definitely a host that I would not recommend.


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