T1Hosting.com Customer Review

Overall: Good

Customer Service: Average
Technical Service: Average
Uptime/Reliability: Poor
Price: Very Good
URL: https://t1hosting.com

T1Hosting.com Plans

T1Hosting.com Plans

Technical Support

I hosted my website with T1Hosting for nearly one year starting in February 11, 2016 until January 20, 2017. I only contacted support twice and both times I did not find them as helpful as I’d like them to be. The first time I contacted them was when I needed help with an HTTPS error that I was having. They were somewhat helpful by suggesting a possible solution but otherwise I was on my own to resolve the issue. The second time I contacted T1Hosting technical support was when I noticed that my website went down nearly every day but they simply apologized and moved on although it kept happening.


Their pricing is very generous starting at $1.75 per month for the lowest tier and going all the way up to $20 per month for the highest tier. I like to test out cheap hosts because you don’t expect much but in the rare occasion you do get good service such as with NameCheap. The hosting was worth its price but if you do depend on a high uptime for your blog or website then I’d skip this host.


T1Hosting Uptime

T1Hosting Uptime

From the day that I started hosting my blog through T1Hosting until the day that I transferred my blog out, my blog experienced 214 incidents of downtime with an average of 25 seconds per downtime incident. So there was an incident throughout nearly 3/5th of the year that I was with them. Considering that the average downtime was only 25 seconds I would not consider this as a bad thing especially for the price of the service.

However, if you do not like the idea of your website experiencing a downtime throughout the majority of the year then I would not recommend t1hosting to you. This service targets people with a very low budget who do not mind small hiccups occurring on a regular basis. So for the average person starting a new blow or website, yes, I would recommend it but only to them.


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