Amazon AWS S3 was Down and it took everything with it

Amazon Down Status

For several hours today it appears that Amazon AWS S3 was down in the East. Amazon AWS S3 is one of the most popular Cloud hosts out there. According to SimilarTech over 148,000 websites depend on Amazon’s cloud solution for their websites and app to work so naturally it created some panic among people. Some of the popular websites hosted on there are Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, ESPN, AOL, Quora, and others.

What it means for cloud

At first several large companies were reluctant to switch to the cloud because of how new the technology was. But now companies are more relaxed about the cloud and have all partially or wholly migrated to a cloud solution. But every time there is a high profile downtime like the one that we had today it causes a lot of panic. Companies lose money when the website is down and they can’t do anything about it when they’re relying on Amazon to be dependable. So what does this mean for the cloud?

I think that companies will go the route that Netflix took a while ago. They will migrate all of their content to the cloud but they will make their own CDN similar to cloud flare. So in cases where they are down, they do have a way to recover but at the same time they reap the benefits of the cloud.

Should you go to the cloud?

If you have a website or an app with a lot of traffic or a lot of data to store it might be a good idea to switch to the cloud because of the loading speeds around the globe and the lower prices to store and deliver your data. But I would not give blind faith in Amazon and I would implement a solution, like Cloudflare, to make sure that your content keeps being delivered to your clients even when Amazon is having trouble.


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