Your Blog is Floating in Cyberspace

If you’ve ever ran a blog you will understand what I am talking about right away. If you have never ran a blog before you will eventually relate because it happens to everyone.

Your Expectations as a Blogger

At first every blogger has high expectations for their blog. They promise that they will make a new post every single day. But eventually every blogger runs out of ideas and in a last minute attempt to keep the flow going they go through random blogs trying to find ideas. You try to network and then you try to use their ideas in your own way but it doesn’t work. Eventually you give up and you take a break from blogging. As the weeks turn to months you start to urge yourself to go back to blogging. Sometimes you successfully convince yourself to keep blogging but most of the time you don’t.

Floating in Cyberspace

Credit: Sweetie187

But when you think about it your blog is still out there just flying through cyberspace even when you’re not giving it any attention. Sometimes people stumble into your blog through a search engine result or through one of the ways that you promoted your blog. It’s the way we think of the internet because of how movies have depicted the internet to be. But in reality your blog is just sitting on a hard drive on a server somewhere on Earth quietly consuming energy waiting for someone to request your blog so that it can serve it to them. It’s a very sad way to look at it but sometimes it does make me want to go back to updating my blog.

On a brighter note, I hope that this time I can keep my blog alive and well this time. But really, who knows. After going through the disaster that 2016 was and after seeing the changes this country is making, I am not very happy about the future of this world much less my country, the USA.


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  1. I found this quite interesting since I have just recently (this week) got back into posting on my blog after almost 2 years away from it. It was strange looking back through my old posts and seeing how my writing style and ideas have changed over a relatively small time period. Hopefully this time I will stick with it and I wish you all the best with your blog!

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