Club Penguin is Closing

Club Penguin Closing March 29, 2017
The game Club Penguin was founded on October 24, 2005. It is 11 years old as of today and it was headed for its 12th anniversary. A lot of us were kids when Club Penguin first came out and most of heard about it at some point or another. It was basically a multiplayer game owned by Disney targeting kids who liked social games.

Meant for Kids

This game did not get my interest even when I was a kid. I did play it for a couple of days and then I realized that it was not for me. I’m more into multiplayer games with combat systems. I did not even know that Club penguin was still opened as of today until I read a blog post by IFLSmartGadgets. It looks like there was an active community still playing the game, although it must have been small if they are closing it.

Similar Games

If you like social games and if you are looking for a replacement for Club Penguin here are a couple of suggestion. The first suggestion is Club Penguin Island. That game is a replacement to Club Penguin but the game is not yet live and may only pre-register. Habbo is your next option and it is very similar to Club Penguin although it is also older than Club Penguin so it’s likely that it could close at any minute. And Finally, you could try Runescape. The game┬áRunescape is only similar to Club Penguin in some of the social aspects but for the most part it’s more goal oriented. Alternatively you could give an MMO a try, there are dozens of great ones.


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