Finding a Doctor on President’s Day


On January 15, just 6 days ago, I had my gallbladder removed. When I was released from the recovery room I was given 3 days worth of pain medication. The pain really makes it hard for me to keep down food as well as my other medications so while taking the pain medication everything was fine.

Running out of Pain Medication

Fast forward to February 20 and I ran out of pain medication. I thought that I could just call my doctor that morning and get some. But I was wrong, my doctor was not available and I found out that they can’t call over pain medications anymore because of the law. So I took my regular medications that I take for my other health problems and quickly tried to find a place to go to get more pain medication.

I called several clinics in the area because I did not want to go to the ER because the ER is very expensive. But everything seemed to be closed. Eventually I found an urgent care clinic that was opened. My sister said she would drive me there and so I took the offer because I didn’t want to risk it if I still had some side effects from the pain medication that I had taken several hours prior. I had already thrown up my regular medication so I was already worried.

The Urgent Care Clinic

For anyone who isn’t familiar with an urgent care clinic, it’s basically a regular clinic that you can go to without an appointment. It’s usually open later than regular clinics and it’s opened on holidays, typically. And they charge the same copay as a regular clinic as well so I was happy that I wouldn’t have to pay a $600+ ER deductible had I gone to the ER. I think that my copay for them was just $25-$35, they weren’t sure so they said they’d send me the bill after the insurance processed it.

Feeling Better Now

The Urgent Care Clinic doctor prescribed more pain medications and I quickly filled them at Walmart. I’m writing this post at 3 am because I can’t sleep. Although I feel no pain now, I am feeling a little dizzy and sleepless because of the pain killers. I hope that I can get off of them within a day or two. Hopefully I can get off of them by the end of today because pain medications are very addicting. I also want to go back to having regular sleep cycles! But I’ll update with another blog post if things change.


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