My Gallbladder Got Surgically Removed

Gallbladder Removal After Surgery

Gallbladder Removal After Surgery

How I found out that I had Gallstones

Last month, on January 2017, I went to the Emergency Room because I was having some extreme stomach pain. It was not the first time that I had visited the Emergency Room due to stomach pains. Ever since early 2015 I was diagnosed with clostridium difficile colitis, which is a very painful stomach bacteria. And I had been diagnosed with it off and on every couple of months for years. So when I went to the ER this time I assumed that it would have been C.Diff yet again but I was wrong, this time it turned out to be gallstones. It might have even been gallstones in the past as well but but it was not diagnosed.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

That’s the medical name for the gallbladder removal surgery that I had on February 15, 2017. And the experience was very scary even though it was my fourth surgery in my lifetime. Luckily I had a friend and my mom there with me to accompany me and make it less scary. The surgery itself was very short. I was only in the surgery room for nearly an hour and a half. I was in the recovery room for an hour before they discharged me and I was on my way home. Before I was discharged I did throw up in a bag that I was given by my nurse, it was bile (stomach acid).

Recovering from the Surgery

I had my surgery done in Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah but I live all the way in South-Central Idaho. I couldn’t drive because I was still revering from the anesthesia and pain medication in my bloodstream so my friend drove me back home. On my way back to my house my stomach started to hurt and then suddenly was nauseous again and for two hours I threw up bile into those narrow vomit bags. It has only been one day since the gallbladder removal surgery but I am already feeling a little better. My lungs do hurt on occasion and so do my surgery cuts but the painkillers, Norcos, make it go away quickly.

Into the Future

I am hoping that this is the surgery that my body really needed to make my stomachaches go away. It has been three long years ever since I started to experience stomach pain. It started three months after I had a heart transplant, it started on January 2o15 and it has been ongoing for a while.


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