Zootopia Review

Zootopia Movie Cover

A movie about inclusion

There are hundreds of movies that have been made that are taken from real world history that promote equality. There are very few that have been made that make it easier for a children’s audience to understand. Using animals in a cartoon was a great idea. It showed the strengths and weaknesses of people, the weaknesses created when we are enemies, and the strengths of being united. My younger siblings watched it multiple times and loved and understood the message very well.

Comedy and Entertainment

Of course, just like every other Disney movie this movie also has a lot of comedy and it is entertaining throughout the way to keep children and adults engaged. I actually heard about this movie from my siblings. Originally I was going to go watch the movie with them but I didn’t have the time to go with them so I watched it alone on Netflix.

For Kids and Adults

We live in a very vulnerable world that is ever changing. While in the past we lived in smaller communities with less diversity, today we live in a global society. We live in a society that constantly struggles with inclusion and is very easily swayed by fear. The movie came out in 2016, a year with a lot of fear led primarily through politics. I think that this is a good movie for kids to learn how to be inclusive and think critically. And even if you are an adult and already understand and practice what the movie presents, the movie is still very entertaining to watch.


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