My Loyal Pomeranian

Pomoranian laying down.

When you think about it there is no one more loyal in this world than a dog. We have survived alongside dogs for thousands of years; they depend on us and we depend on them. But today it’s not all about survival anymore because it is also about companionship. No matter what you do or say to your dog they will always love you unconditionally. It’s a trait that is a double edge sword for dogs. Usually it means that they have food, a roof, and a loving family but sometimes it means abuse.

Why I love my Dog

My Pomeranian’s name is Meesha and she is 6 years old. I was a freshman in high school when my middle school aged sister brought her home as a gift from her friend. From day one she was loving and caring. At the time she was not as beautiful as she is today with her long, wavy brown healthy fur. She had short black and brown fur as a puppy.

But it wasn’t until late 2013 that she showed me how much she loved me. At the time I was going through late stage heart failure but I did not know this at first. My dog apparently did know that something was wrong because she would follow me around everywhere and would try to sleep as close to me as possible. Sometimes, unexplainably, she would hop on my chest while I was laying down and lay her head on my chest. At the time I got angry at her because she had never done that before. But now I feel as if she knew.


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