Sent my Graphic Card out for repairs

Sapphire R9 380


Two weeks ago my Sapphire R9 380 graphics card started to fail. When I tried to play a game or render a video my computer would always restart. I tried to do everything to fix it but the only thing that stopped the restarts was when I took out the graphic card and made my computer boot using the integrated Intel graphics. I contacted the company Sapphire and they gave me a case number and an address to mail it to them since my card is still under warranty; I think that it has 2-3 years and I just bought this early last year.

Not having a Graphics Card

I had to find out the hard way what it feels like to run a computer without a graphics card. I haven’t had a computer without a graphics card for several years and there is a huge difference. The first thing I noticed was that moving around windows on my desktop and browsing the web was a bit jittery. And then I noticed that playing games and rendering videos without a graphic card was no walk in the park either.

The graphics card is the muscle of the computer and I¬†took it for granted until it’s gone. The worst part is that my current laptop is not much better. I have a late 2016 13″ MacBook and it also does not come with a dedicated graphics card so there’s not much that I can do until Sapphire mails me back a fixed card or a replacement card.

Just Waiting

For now I’m just waiting for my card. I’m planning on making more gaming videos on YouTube soon. I haven’t made any in a long time and I feel like I should. But without a graphics card it just isn’t possible at all to do a gaming video. My desktop was my work station and my gaming device so I’m left with nothing fun to do either. I’m hoping that I get an update on its replacement process on Monday or I’m going to go insane! I’ll update the blog as soon as something new happens.


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